Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid During Your Child Custody Case

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If you are a parent, your children are undoubtedly the most important beings in your life and you are likely overwhelmed at the thought of not having your time with them cut short through an undesirable custody arrangement. To improve your chances of obtaining a better custody arrangement, there are some mistakes you should avoid.

The Missteps That Can Harm Your Case

Mistakes happen all the time, but you need to exercise extra caution while in the midst of a child custody dispute. Even a seemingly minor misstep can impact your chances of success.

Below are some mistakes you should make a conscious effort to avoid:

  1. You are no longer involved in the lives of your children: If you want to prove to a judge that your relationship with your children is important to you, you need to continue to be involved in their lives. If you start slipping out of the picture, it is unlikely that a judge will grant you much in the way of custody. Stay interested in their after school activities, attend their sporting events, and help them out with their homework.
  1. Try to keep things amicable with your co-parent: You and your spouse will officially be over once your divorce is finalized, but you will still be in each other’s lives as co-parents, so maintaining a cooperative and amicable relationship is essential for the wellbeing of your children. If a judge thinks you are being willfully difficult, this will not end well for you.
  1. You speak negatively about your spouse to your children: Parental alienation is something that is more recognized in family court now, so if a judge thinks you are trying to poison your children against your co-parent, you can expect it to affect your custody arrangement.
  1. Respect the temporary orders: It is not uncommon for temporary child custody orders and child support orders to go into effect during the divorce process. You might not approve of them, but you must obey them or you will face some unpleasant consequences.
  1. You let your arguments get out of hand: Arguments are to be expected at this time, but you should never let them get so out of hand that you end up facing domestic abuse allegations. Avoid yelling altogether and never threaten your spouse or physically touch him or her. If you think an argument is escalating, leave the situation and revisit the topic once you have both had an opportunity to calm down.

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