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"Awesome family law attorney's with prompt service"

Awesome family law attorney's with prompt service. Heather and Lisa are awesome. Definitely would recommend to anybody needing family law

    "Awesome family law attorney's with prompt service"

    Awesome family law attorney's with prompt service. Heather and Lisa are awesome. Definitely would recommend to anybody needing family law

    "Best decision I could have made when I retained this firm"

    Best decision I could have made when I retained this firm. The knowledge about law and how to handle my case is beyond superior. I trusted these people with my case, and in essence, my future. They have provided the best representation! Thank you, Dean, Heather, and Karen!

    "I just want to say that I'm very grateful for everything"

    I just want to say that I'm very grateful for everything, and the super hard work that you did for me all of these months... (17 months) Thank you so much :)

    "A true professional and amazing attorney"

    I have been impressed since day one. I highly recommend Ms. Libbey, a true professional and amazing attorney

    "Thank you for everything, no one responds as fast as you"

    Seriously, tell Dean as well how great you are at your job and how last week you kept us going. Thank you for everything, no one responds as fast as you. THANK YOU.

    "My attorney did an unbelievably awesome job today"

    My attorney did an unbelievably awesome job today. I am still in shock... Thank you so much!!

    "I highly regard (and rely upon) your guidance and support along the way"

    I want to take this opportunity to recognize your continued excellent service in the Kantaras Law firm - particularly from my client perspective. During our frequent interactions, your reassurance and wonderful "can-do" attitude provides a basis for confidence going forward in this legal action. You are always fully cognizant of each motion, its status and potential response, and upcoming meetings with attorneys and consultants involved in my case. You are excellent at keeping me well informed, up-to-date and prepared. This divorce case is personally challenging -- I highly regard (and rely upon) your guidance and support along the way.

    "Thanks to Dean and his office, my husband was able to get 100% custody of his son"

    Thanks to Dean and his office, my husband was able to get 100% custody of his son from his addict mother and has been living as a normal happy kid for the last five years. They were quick with filing everything and they really took in all of our concerns, and their steady confidence in our case and in us is what really drove it home for my husband and me. I’ll never recommend another office!!! Dean and his colleagues CARE. They are PERSONABLE, RELIABLE, PROFESSIONAL, PROMPT, and most importantly CARING of every case and the people behind them!!! Thank you Dean Kantaras and everybody working at the palm harbor location! I can never thank you guys enough!!!

    "The strategic advanced work along with your tactical execution was key to the high-level settlement"

    Thank you for being my, "A-Team" throughout the past two years, working hard and smart for a successful outcome. The strategic advanced work along with your tactical execution was key to the high-level settlement terms announced to the court and on the record. Additionally, no matter what was thrown at us, we overcame the many challenges...Again, thank you for your help and care...

    Past Client
    "We can't say enough great things about their service and all they have done for us and our family."

    My wife and I couldn’t be more happy with our experience. Thank you to Attorney, Brittany Mohammed and Paralegal Brunilda Shenepremte, for taking on our Immigration case and helping us every step of the way. Both were very professional, compassionate, efficient and effective. We can't say enough great things about their service and all they have done for us and our family. Thank you!

    D.T. Sarasota, FL
    "The accommodations and understanding are greatly appreciated."

    I would like to thank you, and the other folks at the firm, for being so accommodating and understanding. This has been a trying time for my children and I...the accommodations and understanding are greatly appreciated, more than I can fully express.

    "I came as I client and left as a family."

    I came as I client and left as a family. They treated me very well and they are very kind. Brittany is the best immigration attorney around here. I can’t thank Juliet Williams and Burna enough. I highly recommend this firm, money well spent.

    "The weight that lifts when you have someone who knows what they are doing is really precious."

    I originally called Dean because I saw his name on a billboard right outside the courthouse after I filed yet another motion in my dragging 10-month custody case. My plan was to just pick his brain so I could continue on my own, but I think he was wise to that. He kinda adopted my case and at the end of our call, I somehow had an attorney. He's that good. He put me at ease and listened to pretty much all my concerns, which were lengthy, but he didn't rush me because he wanted me to feel better and get it off my chest. I appreciated that. He also knew what to do with those concerns, which I appreciated more. The minute I signed the agreement before the other staff could even look at my file, my case had new and immediate developments. The team rolled with it and handled it. I consider myself a good pretend lawyer having graduated from the internet and navigating my own legal journey (in circles, but besides the point), but this office is always several steps ahead and I don't have to keep tabs or worry about what's to come. The weight that lifts when you have someone who knows what they are doing is really precious. My case is pretty straight forward so I imagine this relief is amplified for someone who has a tougher situation. I think the best thing is that I try not to be too needy because I know they have other cases, but when I am, I've never been made to feel that way. My case is ongoing but I chose to review now because regardless of the outcome, I'm very grateful for the help and I think it's important to give the credit where it's due. I don't want to come here a few months from now and complain about price or grammatical errors in paperwork, forgetting that this team played advocate, attorney, and therapist during a pivotal time in my life.

    "Professional staff who responds to my questions and makes me feel like a priority."

    Professional staff who responds to my questions and makes me feel like a priority.

    "If you are entering the world of family law litigation, you need experts who will care about your case."

    Excellent work from Mr. Kantaras, Ms. Libbey, and the entire legal staff. They are very compassionate regarding the delicate issues that arise during family law litigation. They are both very professional, prepared, and will be very straightforward with you. If you are entering the world of family law litigation, you need experts who will care about your case. I highly recommend Kantaras Law.

    "I highly recommend Dean Kantaras!"

    Dean and his staff were very attentive and professional! They were very responsive to my needs and went above and beyond! I highly recommend Dean Kantaras!

    "I cannot say enough good things about this firm and everyone I had the pleasure of working with."

    Brittany Mohamed guided my wife and I through the immigration process and did an outstanding job. While being thorough and detailed on a professional level she treated us like family and made us comfortable. From the very beginning, she detailed every step of the process and alleviated much of the stress of this process. I cannot say enough good things about this firm and everyone I had the pleasure of working with. I am extremely happy I chose K. Dean Kantaras to bring us through the immigration process and I would recommend this firm to anyone looking for help with immigration.

    "Dean got me 100% of the results I had hoped for."

    After my former wife received over half of a million dollars from her former live-in partner's will, I came to Dean to pursue efforts to eliminate my twenty-plus years of alimony. With the Kantaras team, we worked through the challenges of the covid lockdown to come to a very rewarding result with the removal of my alimony obligation and that, proverbial weight. This wonderful conclusion only came about after a call to the Kantaras Law Firm. I will be eternally grateful to Dean Kantaras and his staff for their professional guidance and help. I would recommend, with pride, the K. Dean Kantaras Law Firm for your legal needs.

    "I couldn’t think of a better team to have on your side in dealing with such difficult circumstances."

    Dean has been with me during the worst of divorces, lasting almost 6 years since 2013. He continues to represent me in ongoing custody issues post-divorce. Dean, along with everyone at his offices, has been a great advocate, advisor, and a compassionate counselor during the worst of times. The legal system is extremely difficult to navigate and quite frustrating most times. I couldn’t think of a better team to have on your side in dealing with such difficult circumstances. I highly recommend Dean Kantaras for all family law issues. Thank you, Dean, for all you have done and continue to do for me and my children.

    "I can’t thank her enough for all that she has done for me."

    I looked up this place on google. I got very lucky. I met this lady, Brittany Mohamed. Right away she was on my case and my case was not the easiest. Very confusing. She still went out of her way and found the way. I just turned 23 my whole life I was living in America with nothing no license no green card no workers permit. At 22 one year later I am finally a legal citizen I have my license my green card a social and my workers permit. I am now on the road to success. I can’t thank her enough for all that she has done for me. My life has changed thanks to her team. Brunna, another great lady was right there every time I came in asking how I was doing. Now I can look forward to the years ahead of me. The sky is the limit. I will be back in about 3 years to start filling out my American citizenship.

    "Their help has been a blessing."

    I thank Dean Kantaras and his excellent team for their fastidious attention to detail in my divorce proceedings. They have been articulate and promptly attentive to my inquiries and have been conscientious in the mediations. In this difficult time, they have helped me to understand the nuances of the court proceedings and the requisite documentation required. Their help has been a blessing.

    "Extremely effective Lawyer and Staff!"

    I met Dean and his staff after he did a wonderful job during a deposition showing my soon-to-be ex-husband as the con artist that he is. They made me feel like family and have really went beyond and above defending me. I would recommend Dean's Law Firm to anyone who has been victimized by a cruel husband.

    "Best Law Firm in Florida"

    I was at a total loss on how to handle a divorce having never been through one and Dean and his staff guided me through my dilemma. I visited his office after he handled a deposition for me and met the entire staff and felt at home. I would recommend Dean Kantaras to anyone that needs honest guidance.

    "I would not go to anyone else when dealing with immigration matters, hands down."

    Brittany went above and beyond when dealing with my spouse's immigration case. I would not go to anyone else when dealing with immigration matters, hands down. If you want an immigration attorney who views you as a person and not a paycheck, go to Brittany. My husband and I are forever grateful for all the hard work she put in for us! Thank you so much!

    "I can’t thank her enough for all that she has done for me."

    I looked up this place on google and I got very lucky. I met this lady Britany Mohamed and right away she was on my case. My case was not the easiest, it was very confusing. She still went out of her way and found the way. I just turned 23, my whole life I was living in America with nothing. No license, no green card, no workers permit. At 24, one year later, I am finally a legal citizen! I have my license, my green card, a social, and my workers permit. I am now on the road to success. I can’t thank her enough for all that she has done for me. My life has changed thanks to her team. Another great lady was right there every time I came in asking how I was doing. Now I can look forward to the years ahead of me. The sky is the limit. I will be back in about 3 years to start filling out my American citizenship.

    "The entire team was incredibly responsive, supportive, and professional."

    I cannot say enough positives about my experience with this firm. The entire team was incredibly responsive, supportive, and professional. They understood the pressures and anxiety that I had during this very stressful time, Mr. Simons is an outstanding attorney, he (and everyone else) took the time to explain each step of the process. I strongly recommend this law firm for anyone having any type of family law issue.

    "All around professionals!"

    I had a great experience working with this law firm. They worked diligently to resolve my legal issue. A special thanks to Doukissa. She kept me informed and stayed on top of the details throughout. All around professionals!

    "Mr. Kantaras and his staff are 2nd to none."

    I can not thank Mr. Dean Kantaras and his staff, Doukissa Moushos, Christina Galmoud, Iris Peralta, and others enough. They have provided me with the best results that I could ever have wished for. They're courteous, prompt, and diligent in their respective jobs. Bless them all, I was treated like a family member by them. I highly encourage anyone that needs legal services to contact Dean Kantaras, thanks a million.

    "Here you are not just another case, you are a person with a real issue."

    I am very pleased with the attention and dedication everyone at K. Dean Kantaras, P.A. has shown to my case. I have always been treated with not just the normal level of respect a professional setting would offer their clients, but with a true genuine feeling of care and value of myself as a person. Here you are not just another case, you are a person with a real issue. Although everyone here is very busy, I have never felt rushed or that my call or concern or questions were a bother. I am highly impressed with how well I am "known" and treated as if I were a "VIP." Iris, Katerina, Nicole, and Jeremy have been extremely helpful in keeping me updated and answering questions regarding my case. I was very pleased when Dean himself was in on some meetings and knowledgeable of my case. It shows that in this office, teamwork is a priority. The team approach makes you feel like part of the "Kantaras Family."

    "My financial reward will help secure my early retirement."

    This firm is OUTSTANDING! The first time I was represented by Dean and associates was in 2017. The professionalism was a 10 on a 10 scale. In 2021 I chose to have Dean and Stephanie represent me again and I'm glad I did. If you are looking for an entry level attorney, this is not what I would recommend. If you want the best you can get, Dean/Stephanie is the ONLY choice! Thank You so much Dean and Stephanie for all the work on my case. My financial reward will help secure my early retirement.

    "I'm glad to chose this amazing group of professionals!"

    I'm glad to chose this amazing group of professionals, my case didn't have any problems or delays during the process. I'm glad to chose them , they are really good in what they do plus they are empathetic so now they are like family to me.

    "I truly can't express how grateful I am that you have stepped in to help me through to the finish line."

    You have been absolutely amazing to work with, I truly can't express how grateful I am that you have stepped in to help me through to the finish line.

    "Every person involved in my case was professional."

    I have nothing but good things to say about this firm. Every person involved in my case was professional. They truly seemed to care about my situation and wanted the best outcome for me and my daughter.

    "Dean was so far superior to his opposing counsel that it was apparent that he was the superior legal mind."

    Dean Kantaras and his entire team were phenomenal, professional, and always very prepared. Dean was so far superior to his opposing counsel that it was apparent that he was the superior legal mind. My outcome was exactly what he said it would be and he was exactly right about how things would play out. Listen to him... he knows the law and how to navigate complex legal issues. Highly recommend.


    I’m back!! My name is Steve. 9 months ago I wrote a review of K. Dean Kantaras and staff. READ IT !!! It’s time for an update. My faith in Dean had been based on what I heard and his reputation. Although I have totally believed in Dean from the start (READ THE FIRST REVIEW !!!!) once I witnessed him conducting the deposition of my wife….. OMG!! It takes a lot to astonish me. He was persistent while never raising his voice or showing ANY weakness. I was just amazed and very impressed!! All I could think about was how glad I was he wasn’t her attorney. Yesterday there was a hearing on a particular matter that Dean handled with the same professional ability that anyone should expect. Like I said before, Would I recommend this firm?? Damn right I would!!

    "I truly believe you saved my life in many ways."

    I’ll make it short and sweet. I’m a fireman. I don’t have much. Dean saved my life. He saved a future for my kids. I went to two other attorneys first who said I’d have alimony and give her everything. I lost 40 pounds from stress. I met with Dean. He never sat. Stood the whole time and listened to my long story intently. I left his office with hope. I literally cried in my truck leaving his office. Yup- a fireman. Everything he said from that first day came true. You have to be patient as nothing happens fast but it happened exactly the way he said I would. Sadly I’ve sent two others to him that had the exact same experience. He was amazing and I guess if you’re reading this you have to go down the unfortunate road of divorce. Well if you have to take that road, Dean is the driver you want. I could go on and on but he has done things that were so beneficial that you don’t even recognize for years after. Talking about child support and debt to income issues. He is the man. His team is professional. I was in hopeless despair before him and he assured me it would be ok. It was hard to believe but in the end, he was exactly right. Hire him, trust him, and be patient. The money you spend with him will save you ten times what your bill is. Trust me. Thanks Dean and staff. I truly believe you saved my life in many ways.

    Erik Bradenton, FL
    "Im forever grateful..."

    Dean and his team never gave up on me and my case. Im forever grateful for how he guided me through the most difficult time of my life.

    Welly G.
    "They definitely help make things a little easier in a very difficult time."

    Excellent law firm. From the admin personnel, to the paralegals, and all the attorneys. They work together as a team to fight for you. Would highly recommend them to anyone going through family court especially if it is contested. They definitely help make things a little easier in a very difficult time.

    Isaac G.
    "This firm is great."

    This firm is great. My case was handled very professionally and Dean found a solution to a difficult and painful situation. I can't thank the team here enough.

    Lina Z.
    "Dean and his team have been a blessing in this difficult process."

    Dean and his team have been a blessing in this difficult process. although I'm not to the end just yet, I have faith he and the whole team will help me get across the finish line. I would highly recommend him. Worth every penny!

    Joyle W.
    "Patience is a virtue."

    Good afternoon, I want to say that the staff at Dean’s office have been exceptional. I worked closely with Iris, Nicole, Patrice, Danielle, and Joe. They all helped me through the process. Dean is a very intelligent attorney and finally got the Judge to see it our way, because of the law and a lot of hard work. Thank you all for your effort.

    John Judge Palm Harbor, FL
    "If you pick Brittany, I guarantee you won't regret it."

    Brittany, I cannot thank you enough for your honesty and sincerity, I knew from the first day I got your number and called you on a weekend you were it and you were so pleasant, I am beyond grateful for what you did for us! Anyone who needs an immigration lawyer who knows her stuff, Brittany is it. Brittany is passionate about what she does and you can tell she is not for the money! Again if you pick Brittany, I guarantee you won't regret it. Always available and fast response and great communication with you! Thank You, Brittany,

    "Great service"

    The firm of KDK is very outstanding. Dean is an exemplary attorney. I am impressed with his knowledge, intelligence, honesty and sincerity. The staff is also pleasant and understanding. I have no reservation in recommending him as the attorney of choice. He handles my case with compassion and displays his understanding not only of the law but the client's need. Great attorney. Thank you very much sir

    Errol Morrison St Petersburg, FL
    "Dean Kantaras and his very capable team of professionals worked very hard and were always beyond prepared to handle anything the opposing counsel attempted to maneuver."

    Update: Hired Dean once again in my Family law legal matter. I expect an excellent outcome based on the precise strategy presented to me. I would not like to have to have Dean as an opposing counsel. When other lawyers go around town disparaging your legal counsel, you know right then you have a formidable asset on your side.

    Dean Kantaras and his very capable team of professionals worked very hard and were always beyond prepared to handle anything the opposing counsel attempted to maneuver. What makes the Kantaras Law firm different is they thoroughly do their homework on all applicable case law and facts and they are extremely organized, professional and experienced. I had a very messy complicated case and Dean along with his entire team were the best legal professionals I could have hired. You get what you pay for in life. If you want the best, hire Kantaras.

    David M.
    "Immigration lawyer Brittany Mohamed is very personable, helpful, and knowledgeable!"

    Immigration lawyer Brittany Mohamed is very personable, helpful, and knowledgeable! We had our case approved with her help.

    "I highly recommend Brittany and her team"

    We recently had the privilege of working with Brittany Mohamed Trapnell, and I am compelled to share my overwhelmingly positive experience. As someone navigating the intricate and intimidating area of immigration law, I was fortunate to find a legal professional whose dedication, expertise, and unwavering support truly set them apart. From our very first interaction, it was evident that Brittany possessed an unparalleled depth of knowledge in immigration law. Their comprehensive understanding of the intricacies, nuances, and ever changing regulations within this complex field instilled in me a sense of confidence and reassurance that I was in capable hands. One of the standout qualities that truly distinguishes Brittany is their remarkable ability to listen and empathize. They took the time to understand my unique situation, concerns, and ensuring that every aspect of my case was thoroughly examined. This personalized approach made me feel valued as a client and reinforced my belief that my best interests were at the forefront of their efforts. Communication was exceptional throughout the entire process. Brittany and her team kept me informed about the progress of my case, promptly answered my questions, and patiently explained legal jargon in a way that was easy to grasp. This level of transparency and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure I understood each step of the process was truly commendable. Sorry for the long post, but I highly recommend Brittany and her team at K. Dean Kantaras for your immigration needs.

    Gerard Q.
    "My sincere thanks"

    My sincere thanks for Dean, Doukissa, Karen, Azhar, Iris and all other legal team members for the professional case work completed and personal compassion demonstrated on my behalf.

    "I'm so grateful"

    Vanessa, Dean, Sonya & Madison, thank you for never giving up on me & being my voice. I'm so grateful to have had you guys go above and beyond for me & to have had you unknowingly, be a major part of my life


    This is the most welcoming office I ever been.My friend recommended K. Dean Kantaras P.A Attorneys at Law to me. Very professional and fast services. I am very happy I followed my friend advice! Highly recommend to everyone who looking for help in the difficult time!


    Excelentes abogados me ayudaron en todos mis tramites para inmigracion


    Very attentive with us and always concerned


    Ecelente buen servicios y son guapisimos


    Gracias a LA firma de cantaras a sido un placer contar con sus Servicios estoy muy agradecido con todo el personal y su profecionalismo.


    Great staff so helpful.


    Todas las personas el gafete son Maui amables she toman el timpo para ablar con uno y responder todas nuestras preguntas en general.


    Siento gran agradecimiento poor los servicios prestados.


    Estoy my agradesido con el abogado Alex es in buen abogado selos recomiendo me a tratado exelente grasias portodo.


    Great staff and customer service.


    Very professional firm. All staff is very helpful and attentive to your every need. Would highly recommend Dean Kantaras and the rest of the firm.


    El trato es my excelente de todos y de LA resepcionista tiene hojos bonitos.


    The office has been incredibly responsive and diligent to deal with.


    I felt trust and comfort that I was being looked after in this scary unknown. Your office was recommended to me by A friend and I will do the same.


    My experience here is good. I would refer it to my friends.


    The attorneys and staff have been incredibly helpful during this trying time. They are very compassionate, prompt, and helpful.


    Very knowledgeable.


    Dean was very professional and so knowledgeable with my divorce.


    Agradesco LA ayuda que me brinda esta oficina con sus servicion y su atencion para conmigo.


    I came to Dean Kantaras, towards the end of my divorce. Feeling hopeless. Dean was my third attorney, I am sure God saved the best for last. The whole team has worked tirelessly on my case, and they have gotten results !! I would say to anyone and everyone if they take your case, you are in the best hands possible and I would highly recommend them!!


    Great service-- best around:-)


    Very thank full for bining my lowyer and he's help thank you again.


    Very efficient, friendly, and professional.


    Quick, courteous, knowledgeable, and responsive.


    I have had a very experience so far. I was recommended by a friend and would gladly refer Mr. Kantaras.


    Hasta. Ahorita para mi asido. In. Buen. Servicio. Grasias poor LA ayuda que brinda. Grasias. X. Todo.


    Excelente'servicioo trato epectacular'the best.


    Buen Dia Quiero felicitarlos poor such valiosa atencion son units seres maravillosos en caso de Iris peralta su colaboracion y trato son de toda mi agrado y sus profecionalismo. Referents a mi abogado Alex sin palabras con such profecionalismo y lealta logra que today preocupacion pase estoy convecidad que good saldra my bien. Las instalaciones son my limpias y adecuadas. Gracias. Poor tender encuenta nuestras opinions.


    I have to say that its been so nice to have someone help me and my family. Thanks for all you have and are doing me.


    I am very happy with the service of immigration department. I will recommended to all my friends. Good job.


    An unbelievable Lawyer the kind you would see in a movie. That's why Dean is the Top 1℅ Divorce Lawyer in the U.S. along with his magnificent caring staff. Lisa W. is the best Certified Paralegal in the business.


    I had a great experience with K. Dean Kantaras' Law firm. During my marital upheaval I worked with Dean Kantaras as well as few other attorneys from his firm. In addition to providing superb services they are very up front about their fees, costs and expectations about how my situation would unfold. They also have a friendly and helpful staff - they treated me with compassion and empathy, more like a family member rather than just another customer. In today’s “high tech” and “fast paced” society, it was nice to find an office that takes the time to get to know me as a person in addition to providing excellent services. K. Dean Kantaras' Law Firm is a step above and beyond most offices. I have found my experience with this office to be extremely satisfying and I would recommend them highly to anyone and who needs a competent, honest and understanding attorney.


    Legal effort in representation was beyond anything ever experienced by this client. OC was clearly out classed at hearings, KDK is the best firm to use for your legal matters.


    In very difficult circumstances, Mr.Kantaras showed great compassion and understanging in our situation. Help and feedback was quick and easy to grasp. All of the staff showed great care and confirmations of appointments for example were timely.


    The staff is very accommodating. It's nice knowing you have the best representation available.


    Dean is an excellent attorney! I found him to be extremely knowledgeable and talented.


    I'm truly blessed to have found this place,going through this hard time I finally feel like I have someone there for me. Mr Kantaras and everyone in the office have been nothing but professional and friendly,I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart.


    Had very good experience with Mr.Kantaras and his office for the past three years - that for how long my pathological divorce was drugging by my x. But Mr. Kantaras & his legal team was helping me in each and every way possible to go thru this very tough times for me. It is not just a high professionalism, what he has, it is also his human personality, which helped to go thru my divorce. Very thankful for that.


    Helped me with everything I needed and very professional office.


    I am extremely pleased with this firm. The entire staff is attentive to your needs, no matter how small they may seem. Their level of expertise is unmatched in Pinellas County. I always receive excellent advice and feel well protected. I couldn't be happier with my decision to sign with this firm.


    Next divorce I shall come back. THANK YOU


    I'm very happy I found the best attorney to get my case going I'm divorced for 6 Years. My ex never pay me anything the court grandet to me on divorce . I recommended to everyone if you need attorney don't hesitate to call. Dean Kantaras he get you what you won't . thanku Dean and his office staff.


    I would recommend this law firm over anyone in Pinellas County! Diligence and perseverance would best describe my experience with Mr. Kantaras and his legal team. Living in a state where fathers rights are constantly over looked, Mr. Kantaras and his excellent legal team fought and I was awarded permanent sole custody of my son.


    Dean and all employees at his law practice are excellent. Kind,knowleagable'honest fair and helpful. The very best firm in the Tampa Bay area.


    This law firm is a force to be reckoned with! Dean Kanataras is the most caring and knowledable attorney that I've ever had the privilege of knowing. His largo office team goes above and beyond for their clients. Deans paralegal, Lisa, treated me as if I was family. It was a better experience than what I could've asked for. I will never go to anyone else for legal help!


    I have been a client for several years while dealing with a complicated custody case. I've always been impressed with the level of respect and professionalism I'm treated with.


    The firm has many experienced lawyers and employees. My paralegal was amazing! They were able to provide advice when I needed it most. I was able to get my case resolved and was very happy with the outcome. It was a wonderful experience.


    K. Dean kantaras law office are the best....they helped me with my divorced...thank you to Sean, Lisa and Bruna....very nice and helpful team...I will recommend this office for sure....Thank you again.


    Being a single parent, I feel as though this firm is really going to try to do there best for my case. Great start so far.


    Excellent choice. I am so pleased with Dean, Alex, and Maurice. The entire team is fantastic, extremely professional, and very competent. Thank you for working so hard for my children.


    The staff has been great during the hardest time in my life. I am very confident that Dean and his legal team will do its best for the best outcome for our kid. The services are great. Thank you.


    This is a great office. Everyone is so polite and nice.


    After meeting with dean today he eased my mind regrading my divorce.


    Very good communication and excellent staff. Highly recommend for representation.


    I have most greatest people help me with my all immigration status ! Juliet & Bruna are amazing people all friendly & warm.


    Aggressive when needed, sensitive in regards to children and well respected in the judges eyes.


    Very professional, extremely knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.


    I am impressed with the knowledge of this law firm and Professionalism. They came highly recommended. I look foward to a good outcome.


    The whole office is behind you with your divorce. They make sure you get what is best for you and your child in the long run. They keep you up to date with what is going on with the other attorney and ask you before filing anything with the court. I recommend this office as they really are on your side.


    I hired Mr Kantaras after asking several attorneys personally known to me to make a recommendation for a Family Law attorney. I asked each attorney to give me three recommendations and all seven attorneys listed Dean Kantaras as their first recommendation. I understand the frustration everyone has with going through a divorce. We all have almost the identical story. This is the most important statement I am going to make about Dean Kantaras. He is the most erudite scholar of the law I have ever known. Other lawyers fear him because of it and Judges respect him because of it. Those are the words of other lawyers and the judge I have had personal conversations with regarding Mr Kantaras. I know we all think we have spent all this money getting through a divorce but I want all of us to seriously think about how much we saved because Mr Kantaras is our lawyer. I hope I have made this an easy decision for you to hire Mr. Kantaras...because I have.

    D.B, MD

    I retained Dean Kantaras simply by chance. Wow, is it the best thing I ever did. I wanted an experienced attorney because my child is the MOST important person in my life. During divorce and custody you need someone who is experienced and has been in front of every Family Judge in Pinellas County. There are only 292 Board Certified Family Law Attorneys in the ENTIRE STATE and Dean is one of them. Face it, Divorce w/ or w/o children is a nightmare and I've been through some really difficult hardships, this one took the cake folks. If I had not had Dean by my side I don't know what I would do or what would have happened. Previous to Dean I had retained a big time National Firm but when they assigned a 24 year old to my case. I didn't like what I was seeing. So I set an appointment a few months later with Dean and his persona and confidence alone in the first 10 minutes of my initial consultation had me knowing right away that I wouldn't go anywhere else. Nobody wants to spend the money for these situations, but this is the rest of your lives at stake ladies and gentlemen...So put that money in the right place the first time. Good Luck to you all!


    He is very knowledgeable and I felt very comfortable with him handling my case. Everyone in the office was always really helpful and super nice. He never forced me to do anything I did not feel comfortable with in my case and really worked for me.


    Very pleased with the staff and lawyers who supported me throughout the divorce process.


    Excellent! Thank you Jessica and Brunhilda for everything!!!!


    Great group of people,personable.


    I highly recommend this law firm. I have previously used them for immigration & they helped tremendously with the process.


    Dean and his staff guide and help me through my divorce and the complications of the process. I am very thankful to them.


    I rarely rate anyone excellent, because there is always room for improvement. But Dean's organization does a great job. I have been very pleased with the support I have been given.


    Dean Kantaras Law Group and staff are the best around bar none. They will take your personal circumstance, and with a passion, unequaled, represent you in a courteous, professional manner. Trust and professionalism is the pillar on which this Law Group operate, giving their represented clients that solid whole feeling of competence Trust in Dean Kantaras and his super competent associates.


    For a divorce experience,this was one of the best experiences I have had with a lawyer office. Thank you for everything!


    Everyone is very friendly and professional. Constantly in contact. Great communication.


    Very professional and straight shooter.


    Very professional and involved. Keeps me informed of every needed transaction . Dean reputation with the 6th Judicial Circuit judges is impeccable.


    Out of all the many attornies I have retained in my lifetime the one I have truly been able to trust has been Dean. He cares about the children and sticks his neck out to do what is right. He is the only board certified attorney that is certified in family law and knows so much more laws than any other. So far so good with Dean I just pray he will see this all the way through for my children's sake. He is honest and believes in getting to the truth. I don't know were I'd be now with out him and his wonderful office on my side.


    Mr. Kantaras and his staff are extremely professional. Kantaras is certainly an expert in his field and I am satisfied with the direction an overall status of my case thus far. Although he comes with a high price tag, you absolutely obtain what you pay for. Kantaras is highly respected in the legal community and this is exemplified in the courtroom.


    A great team - everyone is very helpful and courteous. Mr. Kantaras is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I am so glad to have him represent my case.


    Dean is caring person and tailors his support to each circumstance. Dean acknowledges these are difficult issues and is sensitive to that as the process plays out.


    Terrific team of professionals.


    Got my questions answer and got the impression that Dean is very knowledgeable and can help me.


    Extremely well organized and family friendly personalities. All highly trained from the minute you enter the profession decor of the office to the very professional appearance of the staff. Mr kantaras is well respected in his specialty field as well as he is with his entire family within the community.


    Everyone here has always been so nice and helpful. Nancy is a jewel. So nice to see her as you walk in and also when she calls.


    Professional and friendly staff. Knowledgeable and supportive lawyers.


    Very knowledgeable, helpful and caring. Could not have gotten these results without KDK.


    Great experience with the firm, I would recommend him to anyone needing Family Law.


    I have found Mr Kantaras experience and knowledge of the law to be superior to other lawyers I have used before. The staff is professional and prompt to my needs.


    I am gratefeful for the under standing from Mr Kantaras"I amnot and easeperson , please tell him thank you.


    The staff is very professional.


    Jennifer cavill was extremely helpful.


    We are so grateful to have been referred to K. Dean Kantaras Esq. Everyone at this firm is extremely knowledgeable, very hardworking, dutiful for the client and the service is exceptional. We recommend this law firm highly. If you are seeking an advocate for family law, look no further.


    I want to thank Dean and Heather with all my heart, for the superior job representing me in court yesterday. Heather was confident in her presentation, knowledge of the details regarding my case, and case law. I was very pleased with the outcome, and she helped put my nerves at ease. My daughter and I can sleep peacefully for the first time in months!


    Everyone in the office is extremely helpful. My questions are answered sufficiently and in a timely manner. Mr. Kantaras is very knowledgeable and knows what he's doing.


    Very responsive. Always gets back to you with answers or questions


    I couldn't ask a better office and attorneys to be helping me with my divorce. They are always on top of everything and they are constantly fighting for the best outcome for my children and I. I'm so happy I was referred here.”

    S. H.

    Dean has been very helpful walking me through this very difficult process. Thank you for all your help.


    They have been very support and understanding with then process very happy so far


    Very cooperative, l am very satisfied.

    B. L.

    Mind Blowing, Honest, AND THIS FIRM WINS !!

    Going into my FAMILY LAW CASE I had my head down and I didn't expect to win ACTUALLY I WAS a little depressed.

    ATTORNEY DEAN KANTARAS and ASSOCIATES' performance in reuniting me with my SONS in Family Court WAS Professional AND THIS MAN WAS Ferocious with knowledge.


    .........THE BAHOUR FAMILY

    Fahmi B.
    "Best immigration attorney!"

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    "Complex civil matters aren't free"

    You get what you pay for. Have a serious complicated civil related legal problem? Hire this law firm. Money well spent to give yourself the best chances to obtain a positive outcome. If you are cheap, don't waste your money and his expertise.

    David Maynard Clearwater Beach, FL