6 Divorce Tricks & Retaliatory Actions to Avoid

It is easy for negative emotions to cloud your judgment when you are in the process of negotiating a marital settlement agreement. After all, it is difficult to amicably discuss asset division and child custody when you are still feeling resentment over the separation. You may even start daydreaming of ways you can get back at your former spouse for the wrongs he or she committed against you. Even if you feel justified in your actions, succumbing to this negativity and utilizing certain tactics can only sabotage the overall divorce process and even burden you with an unfavorable marital settlement agreement.

Some vengeful behaviors you absolutely need to avoid include:

  1. Leaving the marital home and taking any shared assets and property with you;
  2. Canceling credit cards;
  3. Practicing parental alienation behaviors;
  4. Filing a false report of child abuse or making false allegations to third-parties;
  5. Cleaning out your bank accounts;
  6. Cutting off utilities

The Boomerang Effect

Some spouses choose out-of-court divorce options, such as mediation, to save both time and money. However, these out-of-court alternatives are only successful if both parties are honest and active participants in the negotiation process, and if they are equally knowledgeable about what is at stake. If you engage in subterfuge, it may send your divorce case straight into the courtroom.

The court does not look favorably on spouses who intentionally sabotage divorce proceedings. Your former spouse can hire a forensic accountant or private investigator to research and reveal your underhanded actions. If your former spouse's legal team can successfully prove that you have engaged in subterfuge, your credibility will be ruined in court, and you will lose your bargaining power in attempting to reach a marital settlement agreement. In fact, depending on the nature and severity of your actions, the judge may favor your spouse when making determinations regarding asset division, child custody, and spousal support. The terms of this marital settlement agreement can impact the quality of your life for years to come.

Have Questions or Concerns? Contact an Experienced Legal Representative

If you find yourself struggling to navigate the divorce process, your best option is to retain an experienced legal representative as soon as possible. At K. Dean Kantaras, P.A., our Clearwater divorce law firm can guide you through each step of this emotionally-challenging legal process. Not only can we represent your interests both in and out of court, we can also protect you from making choices or concessions that compromise your marital settlement agreement and quality of life after divorce.

Our priority as a law firm is to help our clients prepare for the next chapter of their lives. Call K. Dean Kantaras, (727) 939-6113 to schedule a consultation.

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