The Role of Mediators in Divorce

Mediation is one of the most amicable alternatives to customary divorce proceedings, as it removes the contentious, and drawn-out court processes which usually accompany traditional divorce. Mediation involves sitting with your ex-spouse in order to determine the details of your divorce settlement between the two of you.

With the help of lawyers or advisors if you so choose to have them there, a mediator ensures the process is moving forward at a proper pace, while maintaining a fair balance between both parties. Mediators play a crucial role in this process, as they serve as an alternative to a judge and keeping things balanced is the essence of their role.

If you and your spouse are lucky enough to be on friendly and communicative terms, and both agree to avoid the lengthy and expensive court process, our Palm Harbor divorce lawyers encourage you select mediation as your path to divorce. Choosing the right mediator is a decision you will need to make after conducting plenty of research, as this person can influence the outcome of your case.

The mediator you select should be one with plenty of experience, a history of fair decision-making, as well as one who is easy to reach and communicate with. An expert who is exclusively dedicated to mediation will be your best indication that this person is well-prepared for this role. Your mediator should also have a unique understanding of your state’s laws, financial matters, and common parenting concerns or issues.

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