Bird Nesting: Giving Children Custody of Your Marital Home

Divorcing parents have always faced the same conundrum: what to do in regards to their custody agreement. Children are often the biggest victims of divorce, as they are unwittingly thrust into a situation which leaves them forced to choose between which parent they side with--or worse, be shuffled back and forth between both parents, living a sort of double-life. Uprooting a child’s entire life and expecting them to separate their worlds into two detached entities is an incredibly difficult transition.

Bird nesting, or nesting, is based on the idea of treating children with as much caution and care as possible--as if they are baby birds, and the parents fly in and out of the nest as needed. In this scenario, both parents find another place to live, whether it is an inexpensive nearby apartment or even staying back with their parents until their finances allow otherwise. Then, parents alternate who gets to stay in the marital home with their children for a certain amount of time. Children are able to stay put and keep their same friends, same home, stay in the same school, and essentially live with one parent at a time. Because the parents are the ones deciding to change everyone’s lives, they are the ones who are expected to shuffle their lives between two residences--not the children.

In this scenario, your child’s life remains as similar as it possibly can. It can be likened to having one parent perpetually on a business trip. Once one parent comes back from being away, the other must go. Nesting is a creative solution to an otherwise painful problem to have, and it allows the children to keep a certain sense of normalcy in the midst of so much change. This process can continue on for as long as it works for the family, and it requires an immense amount of trust, cooperation, and respect.

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