Staying Friends after Divorce

Remaining friends after divorce is incredibly difficult to do for a number of reasons. Whether you and your ex-spouse were incredibly contentious during your marriage, or you are still harboring romantic feelings of longing and regret in regards to losing the relationship, staying friends can seem like an impossible task. If we face the facts, we understand divorce happens for a reason--you and your ex-spouse were simply not good together, and despite any love between the two of you, you needed to separate for the benefit of all involved.

After all of the pain, heartbreak, and anger, is it possible to remain friends with the person you once expected to spend your entire life with? The answer is: absolutely yes. Depending on your situation, staying friends is not only possible, it is ideal. If you and your ex-spouse share children, staying friends for their benefit is essential. If two people truly loved each other at one point and the demise of their relationship was due to falling out of love or simply growing apart, it can be possible to recover a friendship for the sake of not throwing each other away after so many years.

However, there are certainly instances in which remaining friends can be near impossible. If one partner is still in love with the other, it may be too painful to stay close with that person. Also, in cases of domestic abuse or violence, staying as far away as possible is the healthiest decision to make. Each marriage is different, as is each divorce. There is no standard or rule to ascertain what should be done when a marriage falls apart, which is why each couple’s situation is a case-by-case basis.

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