Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signs sweeping immigration bill SB 1718 into law


Strengthening employment requirements

Employers are required to verify a new employee’s employment eligibility within three business days after the first day the new employee begins working for pay.

On July 1, private employers with 25 or more employees must use the federal E-Verify system to verify a new employee’s employment eligibility. Public agencies are also required to use the E-Verify system to verify a new employee’s employment eligibility.

Employers cannot continue to employ an unauthorized alien after obtaining knowledge that a person is or has entered the county illegally.

It is unlawful for any person to knowingly employ, hire, recruit or refer, either for herself or himself or on behalf of another — for private or public employment within the state — a “foreign national” who is not authorized to work in the U.S.

Hospitals must ask patients about their legal status

Any hospital that accepts Medicaid must include a provision on its patient admission or registration forms for the patient or the patient’s representative to indicate whether the patient is a United States citizen, lawfully present in the United States, or not lawfully present in the United States.

Out-of-state driver’s licenses issued to ‘unauthorized immigrants’ no longer valid

Driver’s licenses and permits issued by other states exclusively to people living in the country illegally will no longer be recognized in Florida.

Juvenile DNA database

Section 18 would force arrested adults and even juveniles with an immigration detainer to provide their DNA to the state.

SB 1718 expands FDLE’s mission to include immigration matters

The most sweeping sections of the bill outline the expansion of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s mission to include immigration matters.

Section 13 states “FDLE, with respect to counter-terrorism efforts, responses to acts of terrorism within or affecting this state, coordinating with and providing assistance to the Federal Government in the enforcement of federal immigration laws, responses to immigration enforcement incidents within or affecting this state, and other matters related to the domestic security of Florida as it relates to terrorism and immigration.”

Additionally, Section 21 appropriates $12 million from the General Revenue Fund, which is funded by taxpayer dollars, to be used for DeSantis’ “unauthorized alien transport program.”

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