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Another month is drawing to a close, which means there's more immigration news to wrap up. This month, three notable developments within the immigration landscape took place, and being aware of immigration news in the US can help immigrants navigate their situation with more confidence. Without further ado, let's get started.

Trump Adds Six More Countries to Travel Ban

This month, Trump added Nigeria, Eritrea, Tanzania, Sudan, Kyrgystan, and Myanmar to the US travel ban. According to the Trump administration, these countries failed to meet US standards for performance or information-sharing.

Diversity immigrants from Sudan and Tanzania are now effectively barred from entering the US. From the other four countries, all immigrants except for special immigrants are prohibited from entering the US. The countries all have significant Muslim populations, mirroring the defining characteristic of nations Trump barred from US immigration in 2017.

The Department of Justice Announced a New Office for Denaturalization

The Department of Justice (DOJ) recently announced a new Office of Immigration Litigation that will focus on denaturalizing US citizens who acquire citizenship through "illegal means." According to the DOJ, the office will focus on denaturalizing US citizens who qualify as terrorists, war criminals, and sex offenders, among others.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) responded to the announcement by pointing out that the Trump administration has so far filed three times more denaturalization cases than the eight prior administrations.

The Ninth Circuit Court Rules Against Trump Administration Immigration Policies

Recently, President Trump attempted to enact a program forcing Mexican immigrants seeking asylum to wait in Mexico until they receive asylum. The program would have also limited the number of migrants eligible for asylum.

The Ninth Circuit Court determined that the policy was "invalid in its entirety," pointing towards errors and inconsistencies within the program. The ACLU again spoke out against President Trump, lauding the court for striking down the program and stating President Trump "cannot unilaterally rewrite the laws."

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