The Risks of a DIY Divorce

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There are a lot of things you can do or, at least, try to do on our own that will not negatively impact your life. You can learn how to sew and eventually make wearable garments. You might lose some money on ruined fabric, but generally, this is not an error that will drastically affect your life. Legal matters, however, are an entirely different story. Trying to handle your divorce on your own, without legal assistance, can come at a much higher price and you will likely feel the consequences of it for years to come. Sure, you can file an appeal or request a modification to an order, but doing it right the first time is far less expensive than trying to repair your mistakes later on.

Here are some of the risks of a DIY divorce:

  • You might forget something: When an attorney handles your divorce, he or she will pay attention to all details large and small, including deadlines, forms, and anything else that could potentially derail your case if not handled properly. If you were to handle a divorce on your own, in addition to having to continue to go to work, take care of your kids, and handle your other responsibilities that require your attention, you can easily miss something. Handling your divorce properly is your attorney’s job, so you can bet nothing will get left out.
  • Issues with communication: Legal jargon can be confusing and, if you and your spouse are attempting to do this on your own, you might not understand some of what you are reading, which inevitably lead to a mistake in the paperwork or in your understanding of a court order. Sure, some mistakes can be corrected, but it will cost time and more money, and will ultimately defeat the purpose of a DIY divorce.
  • You need to level the playing field: A DIY divorce is risky enough even when both parties do not have attorneys, but it will be even riskier if your spouse has legal representation and you do not. Why would you let your spouse have the upper hand in such a delicate situation? Hiring an experienced divorce attorney will ensure there is a level playing field and no one is getting taken advantage of.
  • Keeping it fair: If you go through with a DIY divorce, you will be able to achieve a divorce, but that does not mean the end results will be fair. Getting divorced is not the issue. Without legal representation, assets and property may not be properly divided, you may not obtain the timesharing arrangement you are seeking, and the spousal support order might not be appropriate for your situation. A lot is on the line in a divorce, so it is crucial not to cut corners by attempting a DIY divorce.

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