Fostering Positive Communication During Your Divorce

Rings on divorce papers

Popular media enjoys portraying divorce as a traumatic, high-conflict ordeal that occasionally spirals into dramatic confrontations, horrific revelations, and random outbreaks of fisticuffs. As you can imagine, this isn’t the greatest frame of reference for first-time filers. Granted, divorce can be a challenging and stressful legal process, but it rarely reflects this exaggerated and profitable characterization.

Of course, there is always some truth to be found in fiction. You may struggle to negotiate with your spouse during this emotional time, especially if you’ve been having communication problems for years. However, it’s important to remember that reacting out of anger or grief can negatively impact the outcome of your divorce case. If you can’t keep a cool head and communicate constructively with your spouse, you may find yourself facing months of unproductive negotiations. Not only does this lead to costly legal fees, it also imposes a devastating emotional toll on your family members – especially your children.

At K. Dean Kantaras, P.A., we understand the benefits of cooperation and cordial communication. To help you dodge common communication pitfalls, our Clearwater mediation law firm has compiled this list of essential tips:

  1. Establish parameters and a cut-off time for daily communications
  2. If you share a home, designate “safe spaces” that belong to each party
  3. As the popular adage goes, “think before you speak.”
  4. Don’t interact with your spouse if you’re annoyed, frustrated, or angry
  5. Keep the peace by using an amicable and civil tone
  6. Avoid responding to any comments that could lead to an argument
  7. Don’t say negative comments about your spouse if your children are present
  8. In fact, don’t fight in front of your children at all
  9. Avoid using social media until your divorce is finalized
  10. Consider hiring a divorce mediator

Whether you’re working with a mediator or settling your divorce in court, it’s important to always remember that your words and actions carry great weight. We know it can be difficult to set aside fresh grievances, especially when you’re negotiating alimony, child custody, and asset division. But if you and your spouse can’t treat each other with civility and respect, you may wind up with an unsatisfactory marriage settlement agreement.

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