Social Media & Custody Agreements

Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to avoid social media as a part of our daily life. This is because we are so used to documenting every detail through status updates and photographs--it has practically become second nature. Even if we feel we are particularly careful about our posts, this doesn’t mean the other party in a divorce or custody case can take the most innocent post possible and turn it into something that incriminates you. When you are in the midst of a divorce, especially when you share children with your ex, everything you say or do in the Internet is subject to scrutiny. If you and your ex are particularly contentious with each other, you can be sure his or her legal team will be looking for any way possible to make you appear like an unfit, unsavory, or unstable.

The following are ways in which social media can negatively affect your custody agreement:

  • Posting photographs of any lavish vacations or shopping sprees, anything which may indicate an exorbitant financial lifestyle.
  • Posting anything which displays a partygoing lifestyle, especially when your ex is fighting to prove you are irresponsible.
  • Dating profiles, particularly those which state you are single or without children.
  • Publicly venting about your child’s other parent in a negative fashion.
  • Provocative or threatening posts.

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