Immigration Policy Promises Looking Bleak

The campaign promises of the current president were mostly based on immigration policy. The current president promised the American people he would deport millions of undocumented immigrants from the United States. He also pledged to crack down on the immigration of potential terrorists, passing two Executive Orders (EO) that have since been challenged in court for being unconstitutional.

Part of the problem he’s encountering is mass deportation requiring congressional approval for increased spending and vows of resistance by leaders in several major cities that are home to huge numbers of potential deportees. The sanctuary cities have promised to protect illegal immigrants however they can. In response, the current president has threatened to withhold federal funding if they refuse to cooperate, but any such effort would face an immediate legal challenge.

Another reason he is experiencing difficulty is he likely never expected being the president would be so much work. Unlike running a business, you can’t just make an executive decision as president without facing political and legal repercussions. His first EO regarding the immigration of people from Muslim-majority countries, for example, was completely shot down, leading to his second EO, which was only slightly different. That EO, too, is in court as a Hawaii judge has challenged it as unconstitutional.

While the current administration has taken steps to target immigration as one of the important issues to consider, it hasn’t had the best luck so far. Not only has Mexico failed to offer to pay for the wall promised during the Republican campaign, but taxpayers stand to lose more than $21 billion as a result if the border wall plan proceeds.

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