Changing a Child Custody Agreement in Florida

If you, your former spouse or your children start to feel like the custody agreement you settled on years ago is a little outdated, rest assured that there is a way to update it. In most cases, making a change to a child custody agreement can be a fairly straightforward process that includes the following:

  • Agreement from all parties: Before a child custody agreement can be updated, both parents must agree to all of its new terms. When parents agree on the updates, a family lawyer can create a revised document for both parties to sign and for the court to approve.
  • Filing with the court: In some cases, family members may not agree about what the best arrangement is for the children. In this case, you and your former spouse will be required to appear in court to discuss the situation before a judge. Throughout the course of the hearing, the judge will decide the best arrangement for your family based predominantly on the interests of your child.
  • Supporting evidence: If you and your former spouse do not agree on proposed changes and need to go to court, it’s important to understand that it may take concrete proof to change a custody agreement. If you can demonstrate that your children’s living arrangement is unsafe, outdated or not in the child’s best interests, the judge may grant your request.
  • Legal assistance: Partnering with a skilled family law attorney can help you actualize your wishes for your children and protect the best interests of your family. Your lawyer can explain how Florida law affects your situation and represent you in court if the need arises.

For more information on how a lawyer can support your need for modifications to a child custody agreement, speak with a dedicated Tampa Bay family law attorney at the Law Office of K. Dean Kantaras today.

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