Sharing the Various Parenting Expenses After Divorce

When two people get divorced and they have children together, it can be a major challenge to determine who should pay for the various expenses associated with raising kids. So how does a couple that has parted ways continue to split expenses in a fair and equitable manner when priorities and finances change?

Compromise is likely to be the name of the game for successfully dividing the costs to raise kids, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. These ideas might help:

  • Commit to strong communication. When negotiating who pays for an out-of-the-ordinary expense for your child, it’s important to let both parties make their case in a neutral manner, without automatically saying no. Experts suggest that calmly discussing these differences of opinions can help parents come to an agreement more quickly.
  • Come up with a system. If a large disparity exists between incomes, it may be helpful to create a system in which parents can split mutually agreed upon expenses prorated on their ability to contribute. However, if a parent has a greater vested interest in an activity that will necessitate additional expense, such as buying an amusement park pass that one use exclusively with a child, it makes sense to pay for it entirely.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Often, a measure of good will can go a long way when attempting to fairly divide expenses. Parents who don’t obsess about accounting for every dollar often fare better, especially if they present a positive outlook to their children. In fact, parents need to be especially careful not to demean the other parent with statements that suggest that the other person is withholding resources because he or she doesn’t love their children.

Finding ways to equitably share necessary expenses for your children can be a challenging process, so consult a skilled Tampa family law attorney at the Law Office of K. Dean Kantaras for the guidance and advice you need.

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