Steps to Help You Be a Good Co-Parent After a Divorce

Divorce can be very difficult for children, especially if there is a lot of conflict between their two parents. Although you may wish to completely sever contact with your former partner, it’s important to maintain some sort of relationship to properly co-parent after your divorce is finalized.

Even though two parents may have shared custody of their children, this arrangement does mean that each parent only needs to be engaged in his or her kids’ lives at certain times. In fact, in many ways, parenting is a job that never ends, and it requires clear communication with the other parent and shared rules to create boundaries and enforce discipline. By collaborating effectively with a former spouse, a parent can provide the support and love that children need to grow up healthy and happy.

One of the most important tips all parents should remember is that, no matter how they feel about their ex, they should still act with their children’s best interests at heart. Denigrating or otherwise criticizing the other parent is likely to be harmful to a child, and so it’s best to stay positive and avoid involving your kids in any disputes.

To the extent that you can, speak openly with your children about the divorce. In many situations, kids of divorce feel responsible for their parents breaking up. This blame may be internalized and lead to feelings of depression or a lack of self worth. Assure your children that the divorce was not about them and that their parents both still love them very much. Encourage them to ask any questions so that you can address their concerns.

Finally, try to be communicative about parenting with your former partner. Whether or not you like it, the both of you are forever bound when you have children. By remembering that you both want the best for your kids, you can form a strong co-parenting team that serves and promotes your children’s needs.

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