Sesame Street Toolkit Helps Children of Divorce Cope

Leave it to Sesame Street to be a leader in everything relating to children, including divorce. Children often have a difficult time when their parents divorce. They may think the divorce is their fault, or they may have a hard time understanding why they can’t see Mommy or Daddy every day. Children often have numerous questions regarding divorce, and their parents don’t always know what to say.

Enter the Sesame Street divorce toolkit for parents and children alike called Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce. The toolkit is offered free of charge online to help children cope with divorce. The tools are designed for children between the ages of two and eight to help them understand their parents’ divorce and also help parents talk about the divorce in an age-appropriate way.

The toolkit provides much-needed assistance for both parents and children going through this challenging time. It provides the following resources:

  • Components for caregivers
  • Components for families
  • A storybook
  • Songs
  • Downloads
  • Videos
  • A coloring book

The toolkit contains wonderful activities, such as the coloring book and the storybook, that provide parents with an opportunity to interact with their child and have a natural discussion about things that are on your child’s mind. The toolkit contains videos that explain everything from “It’s Not Your Fault” to “What is Divorce?”

Kudos to Sesame Street for tackling this topic head on in order to help children get through it. While telling your young children about your divorce is never easy, hopefully resources like Sesame Street’s toolkit will make it just a bit easier. If you need further guidance to help you through the process, our compassionate Pinellas County divorce attorneys can help guide you.

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