Why Divorce?

The divorce process is often an emotionally challenging time for both spouses. Why do so many couples choose to go through a grueling divorce process rather than try to “save” the marriage? When a marriage comes to an end, spouses may feel anger, sadness, or loss. However, a divorce can also bring about some feelings of relief. The end of a marriage may open new doors for spouses who felt trapped or unhappy in their marriage. Below are some of the leading causes of divorce.

  1. Problems with communication are often a major issue in failed marriages. Poor communication can lead to incessant arguing and an inability to resolve conflicts. When couples cannot resolve arguments, resentment often builds and couples become enemies. Without help, constant negative interactions can leave emotional scarring that cannot be healed.
  2. Another major reason for divorce is cheating. Spouses may try to forgive each other for infidelity, but the loss of trust that comes with infidelity is often permanent. The loss of confidence that occurs when a spouse cheats may also be irreversible.
  3. Many divorcing couples split due to inequality in the marriage. When responsibilities are not shared equally, the burdened spouse may feel stuck in an unbearable role.
  4. Financial disagreements also lead to many divorces. Couples who are financial opposites tend to clash more often than couples that share ideas regarding financial planning. If one spouse prefers to save money while the other prefers to spend money, the marriage will likely suffer unless some middle ground can be established.
  5. Over time, many married couples begin to grow apart. This is especially true of couples who marry young. Spouses’ interests and priorities will likely change over time, and often, these interests and priorities change in opposite ways.
  6. Abuse by one spouse toward the other is another major cause of divorce. Many spouses will stay in abusive marriages for any number of reasons, but ultimately, divorce may be the safest option for an abused spouse.

If you are contemplating divorce, an experienced Tampa Bay Area divorce attorney can give you the support you need to navigate this difficult process.

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