How Your Family Lawyer Can Help You

Family law is a focused practice area that demands particular attention to statutes and to morals and the human condition. Attorneys who practice family law are more often and called upon to act beyond their role as legal advisors — they frequently serve as advocates, confidants, life counselors. Due to the nature of divorce and family law cases, family law practitioners gain more than just experience. They develop wisdom.

Some of life's most stirring situations regularly play out in courtrooms, and family law attorneys are called upon to represent the emotional interests of their clients. The family law practice differs significantly from civil and criminal procedure in the sense that case outcomes can deeply affect familial or interpersonal relationships. Cases brought to the attention of family law practitioners are often mired in conflict; it is up to the divorce attorney to resolve emotionally fueled complaints in a manner that is respectful of all parties involved.

Family law firms are used to handling a variety of issues:

  • Dissolution of marriage
  • Equitable distribution
  • Alimony and child support
  • Parenting plans
  • Paternity
  • Divorce agreement modification
  • Time-sharing, or custody agreement modifications
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