Compromise in Marriage

People will tell you one of the hardest things in the world is marriage. Others will say it’s one of the easiest. However, one of the things that can contribute to the dissolution of marriage is arguments. For example, if people continuously argue with their spouses about finances, their marriages could be put in jeopardy.

This statistic is unsurprising given people are now living longer and longer lives. You’re less likely to stick around for a marriage that regularly causes you irritation and annoyance than one which triggers less stress. A compromise might be one way to avoid this.

Compromise is an agreement to settle a dispute by mutual concession, which means, when you or your spouse argue, there is no “winner.” For example, if your spouse keeps getting irritated about you forgetting to take out the trash and you keep getting annoyed about them never helping with the dishes, make a compromise. You’ll take out the trash if he or she washes the dishes. Alternatively, you could create a schedule for chores that alternates the responsibility between you and your partner, so you never argue about whose turn it is to buy groceries, pick up the dry cleaning, and so on.

However, it’s important to understand some things cannot be compromised. A deep-seated value should not be sacrificed to appease your spouse if that’s what you really believe in. For example, if your spouse wants kids and you don’t, that’s not an argument you can really compromise on unless one of you concedes in some way.

Saying “yes” to your spouse and vice versa is great when you’re not compromising yourself in the process.

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