Types of Expert Witnesses

Financial Expert

Even couples who agree with each other on the majority of issues in their divorce may still experience unexpected hurdles trying to dissolve their marriage. If you want to pursue an optimal outcome in your divorce - whether you just need a second opinion or want to protect yourself from vindictive actions by your spouse - an expert witness could play a crucial role in your divorce. Today, we're looking at different kinds of expert witnesses for divorce cases.

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Property Valuation Experts

The outcome of your property division arrangement could significantly impact your financial health during and post-divorce. If you want to obtain the best outcome in your case, you may wish to hire an appraiser.

An appraiser can help you understand how much your property is worth and testify on your behalf during the property division dispute, enabling the court to ensure you receive an equitable outcome in your case.

Custody-Focused Expert Witnesses

Frequently, custody is a key concern for parents during divorce. In cases where the parents disagree on how to handle custody, they may rely on the court for a decision.

To enhance your chance of success in a custody battle, you may wish to rely on an expert witness such as a child psychologist or therapist. These expert witnesses can testify on behalf of parents during custody cases, helping the court evaluate the behavior of the parents and the child's mental and emotional health more easily.

The court is not beholden to listen to the advice of expert witnesses in custody cases, but many judges respect such experts and give their opinions significant weight.

Financial Experts

Financial experts, such as forensic accountants, can help you determine whether your spouse is attempting to hide assets from you during the divorce and seek out any hidden assets if they exist.

Additionally, other types of financial experts can help you with more complex matters, such as valuing a business you or your spouse owns and helping you reach an equitable arrangement on how to divide that business among yourselves.

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