New Executive Order Limiting Immigration

Green card

President Trump signed an executive order to temporarily block the issuance of green cards to those outside the United States, but the measure includes numerous exemptions, like those for overseas spouses and young children of American citizens.

The order, which will be in place for at least 60 days, will affect thousands of parents, adult children and siblings of citizens seeking to immigrate to the United States. Under the measure, a diversity visa lottery that issues about 50,000 visas each year will be suspended, and green card holders in the United States will be prevented from reuniting with their spouses abroad.

But it does not apply to immigrants already in the United States, nor to those seeking temporary visas, including students or guest workers like farmers.

Other exceptions include health care professionals and their families as well as people in the EB-5 program, who invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in programs that create jobs.

Also exempt from the order are members of the military and their children, as well as Iraqis and those from Afghanistan who obtain a visa by assisting military operations. The policy could, however, be expanded; Mr. Trump’s top cabinet officials will convene in at least 30 days to review any restrictions on “nonimmigrant visas,” including visas for seasonal workers.

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