How to Choose the Right Attorney for Your Florida Divorce

Whether or not you were the one who decided to move forward with a divorce, it is important to work with a family law attorney you can trust. Your lawyer represents your interests throughout every step of your divorce, and can play a critical role in the results of your settlement.

If you’re scouting the right lawyer for your divorce, consider the following:

  • Schedule an initial discussion: You will absolutely want to meet your attorney in person first, as it allows you to gain a well-rounded impression of your attorney. Although there are many qualified lawyers in Florida, some may offer greater amounts of compassion, skill and professionalism than others.
  • Look for experience in family law: A family law attorney who focuses on divorce, child custody and spousal support will have an in-depth understanding of the legal guidance you need. You will also want to ensure your family law attorney has been practicing for an extended period of time and has experience representing clients in court.
  • Ask questions: Before and after your initial consultation, ask the attorney you’re considering any relevant questions you might have. You can ask whether the lawyer thinks your expectations are realistic, what type of settlement the attorney has secured in similar situations and even what the best way of communicating will be. These questions establish realistic outlooks for both parties.
  • Discuss pricing: Before deciding on a divorce lawyer, you will want to know what and how your attorney makes money. Initiate a discussion about your lawyer’s retainer, hourly rate or any fees for court appearances, administration, emails and phone communication.

If you need a skilled divorce lawyer in the Tampa area, consider the knowledgeable professionals at the Law Office of K. Dean Kantaras today.

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