Study Shows Marriages Late in Life at Greater Risk for Divorce

Most of the research on the longevity of marriages has indicated that couples marrying earlier in life face a greater risk of later getting divorced. Common wisdom suggests that the later couples put off marriage, the higher the likelihood their marriages will stand the test of time — as these couples tend to be better established financially and have a stronger sense of self as they grow older.

A recent review of the research is calling into question that presumption. Divorce rates do go down when couples marry later in life, but only to a point. According to a review of the data by a researcher from the University of Utah, every additional year an individual waits to marry lowers the probability of divorce by 11 percent, but only until they reach the age of 32. After that, the chance of getting divorced actually increases.

Reasons behind trend are inconclusive

Interestingly, the results still held even after controlling for education, race, religion and the size of the cities where the respondents resided. Although the researcher did not make any conclusive claims as to the reasons why later marriages are at greater risk for divorce, he did suggest that people who delay getting married may become accustomed to the single life and may have a difficult time adjusting to marriage. Also, many people who could have made for successful matches are no longer in the pool of possible mates.

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