Alimony Obligations if Your Former Partner Remarries

A divorce essentially means an end to the union between two spouses, but it does not necessarily mean that obligations between the two parties dissolve once the divorce is finalized. In fact, in many cases, one of the spouses may be required to provide the other with spousal support (or alimony) for a certain period of time. Alimony is designed to offer financial assistance to a spouse who is not yet otherwise financially independent.

Although courts may award spousal support indefinitely, these arrangements are usually temporary in nature. However, there are certain events, such as the receiving spouse getting re-married, that would automatically cut off these payments under Florida law.

If you are making alimony payments and your former spouse gets remarried, you are no longer obligated to continue the payments. Per state law, you can simply stop sending the money. If the agreement included a lump sum to be made, you may need to petition the court to have this payment voided.

In many situations, a former spouse may avoid getting remarried so that he or she may continue receiving spousal support. It’s important to know that if your ex-spouse moves in with someone else, you may be able to petition the court and argue that this constitutes a shared domicile. If successful, the court may order that the alimony payments decrease or end immediately.

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