Successful Co-Parenting: Using Your Smart Phone to Pave the Way

Divorce is often a stressful and emotional time. Although many people may wish to sever contact permanently with their former partner, this is typically not an option when there are children involved. No matter what, divorced parents are always united through their kids and the responsibilities they owe to them. This can be a challenging situation, and it’s often taxing to parents who no longer get along, and can be very stressful for kids. However, thanks to new smart phone apps, this process could soon become a little easier.

Parents have to make many decisions together, and the most controversial tend to come down to expenses. Already a sensitive topic for many couples, divorced parents can get especially contentious when it comes to sharing expenses for their children. Certain cell phone apps take on this issue by allowing parents to share the details of expenses.

For instance, an app called Our Family Wizard was designed so that parents can enter expenses and even attach receipts. Entering its own unique cost-sharing formula, the app will calculate the payments for each parent. For example, if one parent pays 60 percent of the child’s sports equipment costs, the other can purchase the equipment and then simply enter it into the app. The other parent can even make payments though Our Family Wizard.

One reason why this app is so successful for parents is that it does not require them to engage one another directly. Instead, the app works as an objective middleman, calculating expenses and handling transactions. Additionally, it offers transparency through the use of receipts.

Co-parenting is never an easy task, but it is necessary for the successful upbringing of your children. Although apps like these can help make the process easier, the first step is to enter into an agreement that specifically delineates each parent’s responsibilities. For assistance in drafting these agreements, work with a skilled Florida family law attorney at the Law Office of K. Dean Kantaras.

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