Focusing on Your Child's Best Interests in Divorce

From the day your first child was born, you vowed to make your kids your top priority. Your children’s interests always come first. In a divorce, maintaining that focus on your children’s best interests is vitally important.

Often, children of divorce may feel abandoned, angry or fearful due to the demise of their parents’ marriage. Divorce can be hard for children to understand. It may be beneficial to have your child speak with a counselor to provide an emotional outlet for your child. Children can often sense their parents’ frustration or anger. While difficult, it is important to maintain your composure in front of your children during a divorce, as children often react similarly to their parents.

For your child’s emotional and mental health, try not to encourage your child to take sides in a divorce. Striving to remain respectful of your former spouse in front of your child will encourage healthy relationships with both parents.

Although it may be tempting to lean on your child for emotional support during a divorce, such a burden can be overwhelming. Remember that your child goes through your divorce as well, and will already be managing many complex emotions at a young age while adjusting to a new custody arrangement. Additional emotional stress from a parent can potentially harm a child’s mental or emotional health and your relationship.

If you are in need of emotional support, it may be beneficial to enlist the help of a friend, family member, or counselor. By talking through some of your frustrations with an outside party you may be better able to control your emotions throughout the divorce process.

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