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Alimony (spousal support) disputes play a key role in many divorce cases. During a spousal support case, the court attempts to ensure that both parties in a divorce can maintain the same quality of life they enjoyed during the marriage once the divorce is finalized. To achieve that goal, the court sometimes asks one party to provide the other with alimony.

At K. Dean Kantaras, P.A., our Tampa spousal support attorneys can help you understand how to protect your rights and assets during an alimony case. We'll work with you to pursue an equitable outcome that safeguards your financial stability as you move past your divorce.

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How Does Alimony Work in Tampa?

In Florida, there are five different types of alimony individuals can receive:

  • Temporary. Temporary alimony helps an individual stay financially stable during the divorce, and typically expires once the divorce is finalized.
  • Bridge-the-gap. Bridge-the-gap alimony helps one spouse maintain a good quality of life immediately post-divorce, helping them cover expenses like bills until that party is financially stable. It usually expires shortly after the divorce is finalized, but lasts for longer than temporary alimony.
  • Rehabilitative. Rehabilitative alimony helps support a spouse while they become financially stable. For example, rehabilitative alimony may support a spouse until they find a job or complete training for their work. Once the spouse becomes financially stable, the rehabilitative alimony typically ends.
  • Durational. Durational alimony lasts for a set time after the divorce and doesn't rely on certain conditions to be issued or discontinued (like rehabilitative alimony).
  • Permanent. In certain cases, where spouses have been married for an exceptionally long time or one party cannot support themself, the court may award permanent alimony. Permanent alimony has no end-date.

The amount of alimony a person receives varies on a case-by-case basis. Different individuals have different financial needs, so there's no easy way to know how much alimony you should expect to pay or receive in your case.

How Do Florida Courts Determine Alimony?

Tampa family law courts take the following factors into account during alimony cases:

  • The standard of living established for each partner during the marriage;
  • How long the marriage lasted;
  • The needs of each spouse;
  • Each spouse's financial resources;
  • Each spouse's earning capacity (including their potential for increased earnings with training or education);
  • Each spouse's contributions to the marriage;
  • Whether any children are involved in the case;
  • Whether either spouse has any other sources of income in addition to their wages/salary;
  • Each spouse's conduct during the marriage.

All of these factors play a role in the court's decision.

For example, an individual who supported their spouse throughout the marriage or provided educational opportunities for their spouse, may pay less alimony post-divorce in recognition of those contributions.

Because alimony awards vary on a case-by-case basis, having a capable alimony lawyer by your side is instrumental. Our Tampa alimony attorneys can help you pursue an equitable spousal support arrangement that enables you to thrive post-divorce.

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