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Most Florida divorce cases undergo some form of mediation. In Clearwater and Tampa, court dockets are very crowded. Divorces proceed more efficiently when spouses have reached agreement on as many ancillary issues as possible before their first day in court. The Law Offices of K. Dean Kantaras, P.A. helps with divorce mediation in Clearwater and throughout the region.

How Florida Divorce Mediation Works

Divorce mediation is used to avoid courtroom battles. Although participation is usually voluntary, a judge can order mediation as an alternative to a court hearing. The process allows spouses and their attorneys to meet and iron out solutions to all issues related to the dissolution of marriage, such as child custody and support, alimony, and the division of property.

A mediator, who does not represent either party, presides over the meeting and facilitates the discussion. At the conclusion of mediation, the parties compile a divorce settlement agreement, which they present to a judge for approval, making it legally binding. If the mediated agreement is complete, the courtroom process is just a quick administrative session. If spouses are still conflicted on one or more issues, those are held over for trial.

The Benefits of Mediation in Florida Divorce Cases

One obvious reason for divorce mediation is cost-the less time you spend in courtroom litigation, the greater your chance of saving money.

Other benefits include:

  • It takes the final decision-making power away from the judge and gives it to the spouses
  • It requires cooperation, which can prepare spouses to work well together on parenting issues after the divorce
  • It is confidential, as opposed to a court trial where grievances are aired publicly
  • It can limit the emotional damage to spouses and their children

Much of the success of divorce mediation depends on the ability of both parties to put their emotional issues to the side so they can negotiate a fair settlement. Although courtroom divorce proceedings have a reputation for being contentious, emotionally devastating experiences, settling through mediation removes much or all of the pain, allowing you both to start the best possible life for you and your children. Before running into a courtroom feud, consider the benefits of divorce mediation.

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